Extra Small Silver Phildendron

Extra Small Silver Phildendron


Please note this plant is only available for delivery in Washington, DC. Learn more about DC delivery here!

Silver Philodendron

Scindapsus pictus

This fast-growing trailing plant has splashes of glittery silver across its dark green velvety leaves. It does well in bright but indirect light, but if you are able to give it a couple of hours of direct sunlight, the plant will reward you with more silver variegation. It is also very communicative of its needs in that the leaves begin to curl when the plant is thirsty. Give a thorough watering and it will perk up within a day! 

  • This plant has a 4" grow pot diameter  
  • Plant height and coloring may vary 
  • Comes in a plastic grow pot; planter sold separately 
  • Please click here for care instructions