Extra Small Pink Quill Plant

Extra Small Pink Quill Plant


Please note this plant is only available for delivery in Washington, DC. Learn more about DC delivery here!

Tillandsia cyanea 

This plant knows she’s a queen with its pretty pink crown. Requiring bright, filtered light, the Pink Quill requires watering twice a month and misting a few times per week. The quill is where the plant stores water and from the quill, and under the right conditions, beautiful violet blooms will appear. The quill will eventually turn green then yellow and fall off but fret not - it’ll back be so keep taking care of the rest of your plant!

  • This plant has a 4” grow pot diameter and is approximately 6-8" tall
  • Plant size and coloring may vary
  • Comes in a plastic grow pot; planter sold separately 
  • Please click here for care instructions