A Message from our Founder

After 7 wonderful years in our tiny jungle, we've made the difficult decision to close our doors on Nov. 5. We feel really proud of the plant haven we grew and nurtured over the years. We have so much gratitude for our team, who helped our customers grow their home jungles, find the perfect gift and remedy plant issues with passion, care and knowledge. And we have so much appreciation for our loyal customers — we’ve loved helping you green up your spaces and seeing you through the green thumb successes (and challenges).

When Little Leaf opened in 2016, we set out to create a beautiful space to share our love of plants — a place that felt special and welcoming and was an alternative to big box stores. Over the years, we connected with a vibrant community of plant loving humans throughout the DMV, raised thousands of dollars for social justice causes through our Little Leaf Big Impact raffles, and cultivated relationships that will endure beyond the physical shop.

After the toughest pandemic years, our sales dwindled and despite our best efforts, we couldn’t boost them back to pre-pandemic levels. We like to think you’re all so good at plant care now that you don’t need new plants so often. =) We hope you’ll swing by over the next few weeks to wish our team and shop farewell, score some plants, share your favorite memories and more. We’re rooting for our fellow indie plant shops — please send them your love and business to keep them thriving.

Keep an eye out on our account for more updates in our closing weeks. Our sister shop Salt & Sundry has some fun holiday plans in store for the S Street space so stay tuned there as well. We hope to see you soon and can’t thank you enough for your support over the years.

With gratitude,